Feed Mixer Wagon 10 M³

Benefits of feed mixers: Less feed usage, Less digestive system and metabolic problems, Increased milk production, Less feed wastage, Less sorting
Bovine feed mixers are an indispensable way to increase milk and feeding efficiency. You will feel the difference when you start using the feed mixer and mill machines. Cows will consume less feed and reduce your feed cost. Your cows will be stronger and bigger. If you want to get time, healthy cows, less cost and high productivity. We will be at your service with quality and best price.

Technical Specifications

Empty Weight                                       : 4600 kg
Chamber Width                                    : 1850 mm
Chamber Height                                   : 1940 mm
Bowl Length                                          : 3500 mm
Number of Blades                                : 32/64
Reservoir Base Sheet Thickness        : 10 mm
Tractor Shaft Speed                             : 540 d / d
Lubrication System                              : Oil Tank
Movement Transmission System      : Transmission
Loader Rear Bucket System               : Hydraulic
Power                                                      : 75 HP

Additional information

Weight 4600 kg
Dimensions 350 × 185 × 194 cm



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