Hydraulic Plastering Spraying Machine

Dual Piston Plastering Pump Machine STP-H It has quieter and stronger spraying power than its rivals. There is no decline in performance until the 20th. 24/7 mobile technical service and spare parts support.

Mixing – Pumping – Spraying with one Machine

For your safety all machines have auto stop feature without hose jam.

Please contact us to order.


– Heat insulating plaster
– Exterior Plaster
– Color Plaster
– Merger Plastering
– Wall-knitting Mortar
– Glue Mortar
– Wet Screed

Technical Specifications

Material Used: Sand, Cement, Lime
Pumping Capacity: 30 -60 – 90 – 1/min
Operating: 400 V, 50 Hz
Pump Motor: 7,5 kW
Pumping Pressure: 40 bar
Vibrator Screen: 8mm
Pumping distance: 100m – 150m
Mixer Motor: 3,0 kW
Pumping Height: 80m – 100m
24 V Control panel
Compressor Capacity: 2,2 kW, 350 1/min
Remote Control: Manuel
Material Output: 2
Gear: 3
Pumping Hose: 50m


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