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Plastering Machines

Stanmak - STP

Dual Piston Plastering Pump Machine

Stanmak STP is a robust dual piston pump. The robust double piston pump was especially developed to deal with even demanding site-made mixes consisting lime, cement, and all types of sand – crushed sand, dune sand, washed river/sea sand, desert sand or any other with a particle size of

plastering machine mortar spray
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Chisel Ploughs
7 / 9 / 11 Blade Chisel Ploughs
11 Blade Chisel Ploughs

The primary soil tillage machine is mounted from tractor’s hydraulic lifting unit and universal three point linkage system. Therefore transportation to the field can be easily done.Hard ground is composed under 25-40 cm depth below the field that plowed with standard ploughs. Chisel plough breaks the hard bottom of soil under 25-40 cm with long and angled tines. So that rain and irrigation water can reach easily to broken area and provided the water storage.

chisel plough
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Rotor Stator Mortar Pump
Transfer Pumps
Stanmak Rotor Stator

Rotor 2080 is made of raw material steel. We produce for Plastering Machines. Special production can be made for the Manufacturing Industry Sectors. It is high performance and durable. It can work 5000 and 8000 m2 in plastering machines and is also used by food products manufacturers. Rotor hardness value 59

Screw Pump Rotor Stator
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Plastering Machines
Worm Pomps Plastering Machine

For your safety all machines have auto stop feature without hose jam.

The compact and versatile ST-8 is the standard for operation, comfort, performance and mixing quality for worm pumps. grain sizes up to 0.25 inches (5mm). Mixing – Pumping – Spraying with one Machine

ST-8 Worm Pumps Plastering Machine S
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Feed Mixer Wagons
2 / 12 Ton Models
12 Ton Feed Mixer Wagon

Benefits of feed mixers: Less feed usage, Less digestive system and metabolic problems, Increased milk production, Less feed wastage, Less sorting
Bovine feed mixers are an indispensable way to increase milk and feeding efficiency. You will feel the difference when you start using the feed mixer and mill machines. Cows will consume less feed and reduce your feed cost. Your cows will be stronger and bigger. If you want to get time, healthy cows, less cost and high productivity. We will be at your service with quality and best price

Feed Mixer Wagons
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Agricultural Machinery
Hoeing Machine With Fertilizer Five Rows
Farm Equipment

Depending on the demand, the adjustable shaft is taken position approximately 4-5 cords. By this way, it becomes possible to add manure (10- 250) kg for each hectare. The front seperators let the sand get fresh air Which is between the each side of the plant. The folloWing central toe diggs the basement Where the water goes on and settles the sand deep of the plant.

Hoeing Machine
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Agricultural Trailers
3 / 6 Ton Models
6 Ton Agricultural Trailer

High Quality 6 Tons Farm Trailer . Our trailers is under brand warranty and in line with that we can supply spare parts of farm trailer. You can carry every all metarils with our farm fump trailer such as sliage, grain, straw, bales, barley etc. Our tractor farm trailer has been designed for severe and hard land conditions. Quality suspension and comfortable dumper lift You will feel the quality.

6 Tons Farm Trailer
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Agricultural Water Tankers
2-2,5-3-5 Tonnes Galvanized Tankers
Water Tanker Trailer 3 Ton

Our trailers is under brand warranty and in line with that we can supply spare parts of water tanker trailer. We have 2-2,5-3-5 tonnes galvanized steel water tanker trailer. You can carry water,oil and chemical materials with our water tanker trailer. It is suitable to all kind tractor. You can store your water safely with water tanker trailer. Also we can design our water tanker trailer for watering. You can water the ground and trees with our water tanker trailer.

Water Tanker Trailer

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Agricultural Machinery

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