Worm Pomps Plastering Machine ST-8

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ST- 8 Plastering Machine transfers the mortar with high performance rotor and stator parts. Screw plastering machines are simpler to use and maintain than other machines. We produce Rotor and Stator parts ourselves. You can work between 7000 and 8000 m2 with the Rotor Stator Set products we produce. It is produced using special methods to enable you to achieve greater length and performance compared to the products of competing companies. You can easily use Screw Plaster Machines in plastering works of 10 or 12 storey buildings. The most important security system; Automatic Shut-Off feature prevents loss of time or work accidents caused by hose blockages. If the mortar hose becomes clogged, the motors continue to push the mortar into the hose. This may cause a possible hose explosion, work accident, or major damage to the working parts of the machine. Stanmak plastering machines manufactures plastering machines with the awareness of user experiences and needs.



Worm Pomps Plastering Machine ST-8

Technical Specifications

Material used: sand, cement, lime

Pumping capacity: 75 – 1 / min

Operation: 400V, 50Hz

Pump pressure: 40 bar

Mixer motor: 3.0 kW

Pumping distance: 60 – 80 m

Pump height: 40 m

Pump motor: 5.5 kW

Mixer motor: 2.2 kW

Compressor capacity: 2.2 kW, 400 1 / min

Vibrator: 0.25 kW, 205 kg

Vibrator screen: 8mm

Remote control: Manual

Material outlet: 2 “

24 V control panel

Intelligent closing system
Torsion Axle System

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Additional information

Weight 720 kg
Dimensions 2,65 × 1,90 × 1,20 cm

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